Illustration of a Rockin’ Cheeky Koala: mascot for australian website.

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So we have designend a real fast project from a company named Zdeal in Australia.

The project requiered us to create a new rockin’ cheeky fun koala for their upcoming website

After getting the project details we jumped to our drawing desktop inside our studio and started drawing some concepts for this koala. here are the firts sketches we sent to our costumer:


So after showing the above concept sketches to our client, he said :

“Great Stuff :). I like number 1 – like his ears;

1.- Love the vest – let’s keep that in mind as a great accessory, but not on the initial drawing for now…

2.- Love the sneakers (shoes) on number 5, lets try them on our initial mascot.. the cap will be a good accessory after woods also…

3.- I am keen to see how he would look with LARGE cartoon character (almost anime) eyes though please (I realise koalas might have beady little eyes in reality, but we would like big shiny whoppers if you can make them work! :) )

4.- Wouldn’t mind seeing him in shorts and just maybe suspenders as well? – unsure…

5.- Initial facial expression? Somewhere between smile and smirk?

6.- As for the pose of the initial mascot –  Not sure but relaxed with a thumb up – perhaps think cool – like THE FONZ atittude…

The FONZ is a Character from the 70′s American TV show HAPPY DAYS.”


So after analyze the above, our team grabbed their pencils again and sketched out some new concepts, trying to give the character the attitude of the FONZ without make him too agressive, but still real cheeky and funny.

Here is what we came up with for second review:


The client reviewed this sketches and liked them much more this time… so we were ready to jump into our Cintiqs (pen tablets) and start digitizing this character with just the below changes:

“Love your work :)

Please go ahead with number 1 – but give him the “cockatoo crest” of hair from number 2′s head :)”
This is the final image of ZK (the name the company gave to the mascot):
Hope you like it as much as we do!.