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our creative process rockstar cartoon

Designing a character or logo is not as easy as you might think, at least is not easy to design the rockstar! character type. Here at Rockstar Cartoon! we are experts on this matter. We will take you from beginning to end by getting your ideas on paper all the way to actually getting the Character in a functional package. The value we provide is hard to beat.

We have 4 simple stages to our design process:

1.- Briefing;
After you order a Rockstar Cartoon! Character you will be redirected to a form page where you will tell our artists what’s on your mind and what you are looking for. This step is very simple and fast, and it’s the starting point for our designers to make the first Concept Sketches.

2.- Concept Sketches;
You will receive a set of 3 concept sketches that will be delivered to you by email, from this point you’ll have up to 7 days to make your reviews and respond to us via email with your comments and changes. We have an enormous advantage here, our sketch modifications are unlimited*, so you can explore how you’ll like the mascot to look like. Unlimited means you can ask for several changes like; put the head of sketch 1 into 2, we want to see a bigger smile, put it a modern hairstyle, etc.
*Again these sketches are unlimited but reasonably. Rockstar Cartoon! reserves the right to terminate and make a refund minus an $89 administration fee on a project that experiences an unreasonable amount of changes.

In the years that we have designing Mascots/Characters/Logos, we have never had a costumer unsatisfied, and we have never had to make a refund.

3.- Coloring;
After you are completely satisfied with the look of your mascot, you then give your approval to move on to the color illustration stage, in which we will bring your character from a pencil and paper sketch to an incredible full color character. On this stage you will also be able to check the colors and make 3 rounds of changes to them. By this point you will only be able to make changes in color, any other change in pose, facial expression, costume, etc., will be real difficult to make, if we were to make it, we would have to go back in the process and it would be very time consuming. If you still want to make an adjustment that is not color we will happily make it for an additional fee.

4.- Delivering the Package;
When you are happy with the colors of your character and give us the final approval, we will start to make the final package wich includes your mascot in different formats:

High Resolution PNGs:
PNGs are images with a transparent background so you can drag and drop your mascot on to any background and it will blend perfectly, We will include; full color PNG, grayscale PNG, and black PNG

High Resolution PDFs:
PDF is a great and universal format file that you can send to your printer or designer so that he can make prints or work with the file, we will include full color PDF, grayscale PDF, and black PDF.

Vector Files:
Vector files are ver versatile as they can be scaled to any size without losing resolution, we will include: full color EPS, grayscale EPS, and black EPS.

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