Simple Terms and Conditions

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terms and conditions rockstar cartoon

We are fair people and we expect you to work the same way with us.

Please have in mind that is responsibility of the client to be aware of these terms and conditions at any time and act according them, Rockstar Cartoon wont send any kind of warnings regarding these terms and conditions.

Once the client (you) has completed the payment completely, and RockstarCartoon (the company) has received the details of the project, the company will start ccreating sketches for the project, these sketches will be presented to the client wich will have a maximun of 14 days to make his first reviews.

Rockstar Cartoon accepts to deliver all final design files via Email or FPT. All copyrights and intellectual property rights of the final Mascot/Character only are automatically assigned to the client once they are delivered. Rockstar Cartoon retains the copyright to all concepts aside from the final Mascot/Character. The client has no rights to unfinished concepts or artwork.

The client must respond our emails within no more than 7 business days at any stage of the design process. Fail to do so can produce cancellation of the project. Cancelled proyects will be archived. Reactivation of projects will produce a cost of $50 dlls.

After the client gives his approval for the final sketch, Rockstar Cartoon will move into the coloring and digitizing stage. Once rockstar cartoon has moved into coloring the sketch, there will be no more changes beside in color. If the client wishes any other change that is not color related, rockstar cartoon will charge extra for it. It’s very diffcicult to go back and make changes once digitizing has began.

A project it’s considered finished when the client comunicates in any way with us and asks for the project to be completed or for the final disign. Then Rockstar Cartoon will make the arrangements for the final delivery. It’s the client’s responsability to make sure the files don’t contain any errors.