Unlimited Changes to Sketches

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unlimited changes in-concept sketches rockstar cartoon

Our creative procees gives you a huge advantage among other designers or illustrators, here at Rockstar Cartoon! we care about you being able to explore your imagination through our pencils. That’s why we are real proud to tell you we offer every one of our costumers Unlimited Concept Sketches!, here is how it works:

1.- After you ordered us a Mascot/Character, and you have filled our creative form, we will start sketching concepts for your character. We will deliver 3 different sketches which will be different visions of the needs you have communicated us on the form.

Our team is integrated by some tremendously skilled artists completely capable of turn into life any ideas you might have for the mascot/character.

Note: this first set of 3 sketches will be presented to you by email, and these sketches are made in the most traditional way; drawn freehand with pencil and paper.

2.- After you recieved our email with the set of 3 concept sketches, you’ll have up to 7 days to make your reviews and respond our email with your comments and changes.

3.- Based on the changes you desire, we will produce new sketch modifications and send them for your review. You can ask for as many changes as you want, so that the final result of them is the perfect mascot for you!.

Note: these sketch modifications are unlimited but whitin reason! Rockstar Cartoon reserves the right to terminate a project that is going through an unreasonable amount of changes in sketches. We’ll make you a refund minus $89 dlls of administration.
In the years that we have designing Mascots/Characters, we have never had a costumer unsatisfied, and we have never had to make a refund.

unlimited changes in concept sketches rockstar cartoon